Atlanta Gemachs

The word “gemach” is an acronym for the Hebrew words, gemilas chasodim, performing acts of kindness. A gemach is an exchange shop that a community supports by "donating" specific types of items that can be loaned out or given away A gemach can also be an individual or organization that provides a free service to the community.

These gemachim exist and operate independently of our organization. Please contact the gemach directly with any questions.

* All donated items must be clean and in excellent condition. Kitchen utensils must be new in the box.

Some examples of other possible gemachim are: toys, wedding dresses and gowns, candles, bris items, chuppa items, over the counter medicines, paper goods, tools, booster cables, rides to the doctor, professional services, etc.

Baby & Toddler Items

Cribs, high chairs, strollers,etc.

Erica Tritt

Phone: (404) 829-3741


Mindy Rubenstein

Phone: (727) 421-4776


Ladies', boy's, girl's, babies', school uniforms

Mrs. Malka Adelman

Phone:(404) 551-3902


Mrs. Leah Starkman

Phone: (404)-636-9453

Jewish Book Library

Judith Levitt

Phone: (404) 679-6069

Folding Tables, Chairs & Carboard Boxes

Rabbi Asa

Phone: (404) 325-7891

Sheitels - "Hair Again"

Mrs. Michal Esral

Phone: (404) 320-7670

New Kitchen Utensils

for newly kashered kitchens

Mrs. Chavie & Yoel Spotts

Phone: (404) 329-9359

Medical Equipment

Walkers, crutches, wheelchairs, etc.

Judith Levitt

Phone: (404) 679-6069


Job Search Assistance

Eric Adelman