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Rosh Hashanah Place Cards

How cute are these – and easy to make too! Our miniature place card favor is symbolic of Rosh Hashanah with an apple top on top, and a mini terrine style jar filled with miniature pomegranate candy from Torie & Howard. All of the supplies, with the exception of the candy, are purchased from our local craft store. What you will need:

    • Terrine style mini glass jars: 3 1/4-inches high. We paid $1 each
    • Small mini apples: We purchased these on sale; they were old winter holiday decorations and we clipped off the apples
    • Miniature labels: From our favorite maven, Martha Stewart - part of her scrapbooking collection; strips of self-sticking labels
    • Miniature apple stickers; found in the scrapbooking section: We used glittery ones
    • Raffia ribbon
    • Hot glue gun: A staple in our do–it–yourself supply kit

The steps to creating the place cards are very simple:

    1. Using the glue gun, glue the apples to the top of the jar.
    2. Write the names of your guests on the labels - we ran ours through the printer - and adhere to the jar.
    3. Place an apple sticker on the jar.
    4. Fill the jar with mini candies, tie with a several strands of raffia ribbon and you are set to go.

Torie & Howard organic hard candy

The jars can also be filled with honey – either way, you are wishing your family and guests a sweet New Year. Enjoy!

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