Refuah Shlema/Prayer for the sick

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As a community, we memorialize yahrtzeits, anniversaries of the deaths of loved ones. We also pray for refuah shlemah, that healing come to those who are ill. We say Tehillim for the Cholim (Sick people), so that they can have a Refuah Shlema (Full Recovery)!

If you know someone who is sick please add them to the list below so as a community we can pray for their full recovery.

Refuah Shlema List

Add a name

• Refael Yoel ozer Ben Chaya Malka

• Chanoch ben Sara

• Shula bas Chana

• Raphael ben Sara

• Rivkah bas Hannah

• Shula Yehudis bas Chana

• Shulamit Devasha bat Chaya Etel

• Jonathan David ben Malka

• Lipa Yisroel ben Chana

• Raphael ben Sara

• Dovid Reuven ben Chana Rachel

• Yonatan Simcha ben Leah Rivka

• Moshe ben Shoshanna

• Fatiha bat Meriem

• Refael Pesachya ben Aviva Sora

• Yaakov Halevi ben Aviva Sora

• Elijahu ben Alice

• Pincus ben Millie

• Melanie Osnat bat Sultana

• Fischel ben Shifra

• Yaakov Michael ben Yehudit

• Esther Freida bas Leah

• Chaya Avigayil Alana bas Sarah Raizel

• Leah bas Marissa Tova

• John Ben Hilda

• Yaakov ben Ginendel

• Hannah bas Ruth

• Yehudit bas Ruth

• Moshia Izrailov Ben Nurich

• Yisrael Ben Ida

• Zelda bas Sarah

All names will stay on the list for a 1 month period. Names must then be resubmitted for the following cycle. Next cycle begins June 1st